2019 Canadian Obesity Summit Presentations

COS 2019: Mini Review 01: At Risk Populations

COS 2019: Mini Review 01: At Risk Populations

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Video of the first mini review session at COS 2019: At Risk Populations

Dr. Hassanali Vatanparast - Western Lifestyle a Risk for Young Immigrants and Refugees.


To obtain an overview of nutrition and health status of new Canadians.

To recognize the differences in nutrition and health status between immigrants and refugees.

To compare health status of new Canadians with their Canadian counterparts.

Dr. Alexander M. Crizzle - The Obesity Crisis in Canadian Long-Haul Truck Drivers: a Neglected Population


To summarize issues that impact the health and wellness of long-haul truck drivers in Canada.

To identify the interplay between the environment, work conditions, and chronic disease.

Dr. Francois Haman - Land-Based Foods: Are They a Solution for the Obesity Crisis in Remote First Nations Communities of Ontario


To better understand the food access challenges faced by remote First Nations communities of north-western Ontario.